So Eco has a wide range of PETA-accredited makeup brushes and SPA products with a unique focus and emphasis on responsibly and ethically sourced components. Our approach includes environmentally focused principles that ensure a lower environmental impact through responsible products and packaging. So Eco is an official partner of Tree Nation and thus plants trees for every 100 products sold! This not only helps to combat deforestation, but also encourages biodiversity in an environment that has been very negatively affected by forestry.

So Eco uses plastic-free packaging made from FSC-certified cardboard paper, biodegradable PLA bioplastic from corn starch and water-based glue. The printing of the packaging comes from environmentally friendly soy ink.

Retailers in the Nordic countries

Gekås, Apotea, Matas, Helsam, Colorline, Sokos, Ellos, Apotek Hjärtat, Apotea, Shopping4Net, etc.